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est. 2006

San Luis Obispo, Central Coast California

Yoga Retreat with us in beautiful California!

Celebrating Sagrada's 10 year anniversary!  

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About Sagrada Wellness

Sagrada Wellness offers all-inclusive Yoga Retreats in Santa Margarita, California just outside of San Luis Obispo. Positioned on a majestic hilltop, surrounded by preserved land, Sagrada Wellness is a one-of-a-kind Central Coast California yoga retreat destination. We are known for our boutique style Yoga Retreats, our sacred Sanctuary, delicious rustic cuisine and Acupuncture Services in San Luis Obispo County California.

an outstanding yoga retreat destination
— National Geographic

Leave the busy city life behind and enjoy a convenient yoga retreat getaway at our 45-acre mountain sanctuary. We invite you to come and stay with us at Sagrada Wellness and fall in love with California’s best-kept secret. We put tremendous love and enthusiasm into our family run business and offer meaningful yoga retreats that leave you feeling inspired and grounded. 

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A Word About Sagrada Wellness

Our mission is to be a model of sustainability, a place where people renew, and remember the art of being. 

At Sagrada Wellness we are a digital detox environment. There is no internet connection, offering you the opportunity to connect to a deeper state of mind, replenishing the optimal version of you. 

Our 45-acre mountain sanctuary is dedicated to peace and awakened doing. With the love and help of our family and community we strive to be a low impact business, supporting a positive planetary shift. We are 100% solar powered - fueled by the suns brilliant rays, committed to real and organic foods, and living with feathery creatures that present us with qi filled eggs every morning. 

At the heart of our ranch is our organic herb garden. In the summer we grow heirloom tomatoes, lettuces and herbs. Olive and fruit trees are integrated throughout Sagrada. 

At Sagrada Wellness we are committed to purchasing certified organic vegetables, grains and oils. We believe that when it comes to the health and well being of our guests and communities, organics should be the first and only choice.

We utilize the nitrogen rich chicken manure for our fruit trees and garden and never spray herbicides, pesticides or any synthetic chemical, which are harmful to the environment, the immediate watershed and ourselves. 

We are stewards of this land and believe in the deeply sacred power of this place. With our sweet legacy, the fertile land and space, we honor the importance of living balanced and positive lives.

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Yoga & Wellness Retreats

Rest after yoga.

Rest after yoga.

We are known for our world class Yoga and Wellness Retreats in California in a breathtakingly beautiful and nurturing retreat environment. Our Yoga Retreats are very intimate in size allowing for plenty of one on one time with our gifted yoga and Pilates instructors, and allowing for a quiet and restful stay. Sagrada’s cuisine is colorful, local, and deliciously vegetarian, and almost 90% vegan. We are not restrictive in philosophy and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Our all-inclusive yoga retreats are ideal for deepening your connection to yourself and your yoga practice.

Come and retreat with us in California.

Sagrada: where the mountains meet the sky and the stars overhead multiply.
— Jamie

For more than 10 years, Eva and Scott have been providing a place of refuge and renewal for international guests. Sagrada’s newest facility in San Luis Obispo, California sits in a valley surrounded by the ancient Santa Lucia Mountains. This magnificent environment provides a backdrop for well-being, allows for great personal growth and a deep yoga practice.

Santa Margarita Wellness Vacation Rental

If you can't make one of our retreats rent the entire property and enjoy a peaceful respite for intimate gatherings or groups of friends, family members, or coworkers. Tucked away on 45 acres of scenic California mountain terrain, our property is a refuge of complete escape, privacy, and rejuvenation. Surrounded by the preserved historic Santa Margarita Ranch, Sagrada Wellness is a one -of- a -kind Central Coast Wine Country destination.

Only two miles from the quaint and historic town of Santa Margarita in San Luis Obispo County, Sagrada Wellness makes for a dreamy Central Coast California Vacation getaway.

We had the most amazing weekend at Sagrada Wellness! The ranch was more wonderful than we imagined it would be. We plan on making this a yearly tradition! See you next year.
— Jessie, Anne, Dana and Amanda

Sagrada Wellness is located in California's Central Coast, 12 miles North of San Luis Obispo. It is midpoint between Los Angeles and San Francisco, 3.5 hour drive from each. While staying at our vacation rental participate in one of our boutique style yoga retreats. The Vacation Rental is a newly constructed home designed by Co-owner and Architect Scott Currie. He has a contemporary, rustic, country aesthetic that offers guests a special place to reflect on peace and awareness in the ranches majestic and natural landscape.

We invite you to spend your next retreat vacation with us at Sagrada Wellness. We pay great attention to detail and put tremendous love and enthusiasm into our business. We promise to host a special vacation for you that you are sure to remember.